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made to order

This carpet is produced by Jan Kath, one of the world’s most in demand designers of hand-knotted carpets. It’s made from a blend of Chinese silk, Tibetan Highland wool and Nepalese nettle. After washing the raw wool, it is carded and spun by hand with traditional production methods. Yarns are custom coloured with ecologically tested dyes and then prepared for the loom. The quality is 80 Knots per square inch, which is around 125.000 Knots per sqm. It takes about 3 months to weave the carpet. After completion the carpet is sheered, washed and stretched in a frame to dry, outside in the sun. At the end the carpet is checked thoroughly and the edges are finished.

hand knotted in Nepal with great love and care

The dimensions of this carpet can be made to your wishes,
please feel free to contact us for pricing.


price on request